Government Relations & Public Advocacy


With the benefit of having served at the Municipal and Provincial levels for over 20 years Peter Milczyn understands how government works and what it takes to engage key decision makers.  

Communications & Community Engagement


Whether developing a new project or pursuing public policy change you have a story to tell.  We can develop your narrative for you and help to build support for your goals.

Municipal Development Approvals


Securing timely and appropriate approvals for your project is critical to success.  We can assist in negotiating and securing entitlements, and cutting through red tape to advance your project.

Policy Development

Understanding the implications of proposed policy or legislative changes at the Provincial or Municipal level is critical to ensuring that your developments can proceed and be successful.  We advise on the implications of policy changes. We can formulate bespoke responses to advance your interests.

Specialised Services

The process of land development is becoming more and more complicated. We can assist with some of the unique situations that can arise  during the approvals process.  Advise on Section 37 agreements, settlement discussions of appeals, and the evolving policy and practice of affordable housing requirements.